Gaming office chair in three colors

A chair suitable for those who spend many hours in the office or at home and offers exceptional comfort and relaxation combining comfort, quality and unique design.
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Two detachable anatomical pillows for the head and the waist with straps that tie to the back of the chair for greater comfort.
Adjustable back with removable up to 180o.
The position of the back can be locked at different inclinations.
Adjustable height on the arms and the ability to rotate right or left.

Chair dimensions: 67x70x134 cm.

Min chair height: 124 cm.
Max chair height: 134 cm.

Min seat height: 45 cm.
Max seat height: 56 cm.

Min arm height: 60.5-68 cm.
Max arm height: 70-77.5 cm.

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Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow

Price range

100 – 200€