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Bedroom from (synchronized resource) liminate, Greek made.

It consists of 1 bed 2 bedside tables and toilet 1 mirror

TENTER bed, 36mm thick headboard with a slope of 10 °, metal support leg.
Available for layer Π 1.60m * Μ 2,00m. (without mattress boards)

Bedside table TENTER.
W 0.60m * W 0.42m * H 0.26m with a drawer
W 0.60m * W 0.42m * H 0.45m with two drawers (top W 0.40m * W 0.42m * Y 0.20m

TENTER toilet with three drawers W 1.10m * W 0.42m * H 0.74m consisting of:
two W 1.10m * W 0.42m * H 0.26m and one W 0.60m * W 0.42m * H 0.26m.

TENTER Mirror W 0.48m * H 1.38m 36mm thick

(bed + single bedside table + double bedside table + toilet + mirror).

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